Southwark Register Office Wedding Photography

Being a wedding photographer in London is an awesome job. Each wedding is different and each couple is unique. Every little detail, gesture or smile from this beautiful day makes unforgettable moments for everyone. Therefore, this time I would like to present to you all the wonderful story of Susan and Kevin, full of smiles, variations and wonderful moments.

Southwark Register Office wedding

First of all – I love this wedding because of the closeness of family. A beautiful bride was preparing at her parent’s house and I managed to catch the beautiful moments between them. From the very beginning there was a great atmosphere in the house. Smile, fun and complete relaxation. I really love that kind of feeling on a wedding day.

Second of all – it was a wedding full of emotions and full of unforgettable traditions. One of them was the beautiful tea ceremony. Tea ceremony it’s a significant way to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care. A tea ceremony also meaningful in many other ways. It’s a symbol of purity, stability and fertility. The purity of tea signifies the love is pure and noble; the stability of tea stands for faithful love; the fertility of tea means that the new couple will have many children.

Finally there was a time for whole ceremony which took place at the Southwark Register Office. The atmosphere at the ceremony was quite relaxed, the weather was nice and thanks to that we managed to make some nice photos. Everyone looked great and a couple didn’t show signs of nervousness. They camouflaged pretty damn well I have to say 🙂 hahaha… Capturing a Southwark Register Office wedding photography felt really great, like being part of the big family. Everybody greeted me so friendly and that’s why I loved it!!! 🙂

Greenwich park wedding photographer

After the ceremony we had a free time for family photos for which we managed to go to Greenwich park. A beautiful park for the whole family. A place where you can really relax and have some fun. After parking all the cars, we started to walk through the park to find this sweet spot that will serve us as a beautiful background. And that’s how it happened – we managed to find this cool place. Family photos didn’t last long, so I could spend much more time with Susan and Kevin itself. As you can see, we were able to capture the beauty of these two birds in full.

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