Richmond Park Engagement Photography

Some people say that the black and white photos are boring and not interesting at all. For me personally, it’s a matter of taste and style. I really like black and white photos, there is always something that attracts me. Meet Aga and her partner Lugo that I met last year for they engagement session. Together we have decided to shoot entire session in black and white in the park. Let’s brake some rules people. Why not, right 🙂 ? The session took place in Richmond Park. It’s a national natural reserve, the largest and one of the most beautiful parks I’ve seen. A beautiful scenery that makes you feel like a fairy tale, non-stop running animals, amazing clean air. Just perfect place to be.  A place that inspired many famous artist and it has been used for several films and tv series.  Just WOW!!! Great place for photos, I’m telling you. It was a great day full of emotions, fun and happy moments. If you haven’t been there yet you really have to go and see it yourself.

London engagement photography

We started quite slow. We tried to get to know each other and find out what we expect from ourselves. After a while I knew that this session going to be full of fun, happiness and charm. Aga I Lugo’s showed me many faces, I really have to say what a cool and crazy people they are. From the very beginning of the session, I didn’t have to tell them what to do. They were very positive and both felt great in front of the camera. Thanks to the beautiful weather that we have, the smile that we had from beginning didn’t go away until the end of the session. We’ve managed to have a great fun all the way and that was important to me.

Richmond Park Wedding

Richmond Park is such an incredible place for an engagement or wedding photography. I unquestionably need to backpedal for some more sessions like this. They’d love it! Here are a few of my favourite іmаgеs from Aga and Lugo’s session.

I’m now taking booking for 2019/2020, so if you are looking for amazing engagement or wedding photographer at Richmond Park with amazing approach where you going to have great fun and an amazing memories please get in touch. Popular dates are going fast so please hurry up and book your amazing day very soon!!!