Pre-wedding session London

Jessica and Dan are having their wedding in Spain but they decided to have a pre-wedding session in one of the London parks. Virginia Water Park is a beautiful place which lies on the southern edge of Windsor Great Park. I have to tell you, what a place, great park with a super cool lake just right in the middle. A place where you can take your whole family, meet friends or even go for a walk. The weather wasn’t very promising that day. Once was raining, once the sun was shining and we really didn’t know what to do about it.

Together we arranged to meet up around evening, hoping that we would be able to catch the last rays of the sun. There were storm clouds around us, didn’t look so good. However, we were quite positive about everything, hoping that the sun would finally come out. And that’s what happened. We founded the whole in the sky with lovely sunshine.

Pre-wedding London

We were very happy with this so we started to look for a place to start our pre-wedding session. After a few minutes of walking we found a nice waterfall, which unfortunately was locked. Without thinking too long, we crossed the gates so fast that no one could see us. After that we get to the lake which was our stop. We managed to catch the best light and amazing sunset. Just magical. We were so lucky to get this cool weather that day. These two has been very relaxed and natural with each other. Showing all the emotions and amazing love.  The whole session was like fun for them which I really loved. They just rock. I really looking forward for their big day in Spain.

London wedding 

So, if you are looking for your pre-wedding session London photographer who will make your session relax, fun and full of smile, please get in touch. I still have some free dates this year. Popular dates are going very fast so don’t wait too long.