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These two, I will not forget for a long time and for several reasons. First of all, this is an extremely awesome couple who looked at each other every time, it was possible to see how great they are together and honestly I was thrilled by looking at them. They had something, they really were made for themselves and for me it was very nice, that I could just capture their feelings on the pictures on this special day. Our first meeting took place on the internet. It is a great tool that allows me to meet all of you there. Miriam and Bogdan had a great idea for session. They wanted to make everyone a surprise. The idea was very simple. SAVE THE DATE SESSION. Sound’s cool, right?  It was their key plan to take cool pictures that show their love, affection, happiness and, at the same time, to have a great present for all their guests who have not yet had the opportunity to invite.

Engagement Photos 

Very romantic and also terribly crazy couple. We started early in the morning. There was even good coffee to wake up. We did not have any problems with the organisation because we knew from the very beginning that it would be a very good day. That’s what it was. Embankment was the place of our meeting. A super cool place in central London with a river view for coffee, beer or even something else. We started very calmly to get to know each other. The first pictures on the bridge to capture the first rays of the sun. A great idea, right? Unfortunately, at the beginning, we did not have the opportunity to see the magnificent sunrise. But we did not give up because we knew that it would shine soon. From the very beginning, we managed to catch a common language. We were all very involved in what we did. The session was intense, we changed places quickly. A great morning plus the empty streets of London made us feel very comfortable. It really was a great experience for all of us.

South Bank Wedding

South Bank London is a great place for pictures at any time of the day or night. You never know what’s around the corner. Thanks to the fact that we got up quite early in the morning, we had the opportunity to be the first people on the streets of London.  Miriam and Bogdan, thank you very much for that amazing day and for allowing me to capture your wonderful love. You guys rocks.

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