Hi - I'm Mike :)

I am a very imaginative and creative professional London wedding photographer. Highly skilled through years of constant developing and experience in high end wedding, portrait and family photography I am dedicated to excelling and going beyond your expectations on such an important day for you, your family and your friends.
I have vast experience of studio photography and location shoots, and combine my knowledge from my broad arc of work to create timeless wedding photography you will cherish for years to come.

As a young man I am at the stage of setting up a family and building a house together with my beloved wife. I like sports, music, dancing, gadgets, good movies and of course coffee and some cakes… I love those evenings with friends where we talk for hours about everything and anything and never get bored.

My adventure with photography started in 2010. Since then, the camera has been with me in every single day. The camera is not just a tool for me, but is very unique so I am trying to introduce the unforgettable moments of life of all people, to show the other person’s interior and capture the emotions that will remain in memory for longer. In my work I’m trying put all my passion and true commitment.

Being a London wedding photographer is an amazing feeling and a wedding day with a couples is always a great fun. Every wedding is different and unique. That’s why I try to approach each of them very individually. Weddings are moments of celebration, love and joy, thanks to which you keep memories for long time in your mind. So If you like my approach and my work why don’t you drop me a line to find out a little bit more about me and my work? I would love to hear from you…

My Work

Every wedding is different and unique. I enjoy bringing excitement, fun, and joy in every celebration. I love what I do. Adventure and authenticity is the core of my work. I will create amazing memories for you that when you will look back at it after a few years you will feel like you are reliving the moment once again.

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About Me

I am Mike, London Wedding Photographer. I just love what I do. Capturing   beautiful moments and making new friends are two hobbies that I have always treasured. SO LET ME BE YOUR FRIEND.


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